Flowers in Fall

Flowers in fall? Yes, because we like them and they make you feel better.

Flowers are not essential, but they are moving: they make us smile, they touch us and, if they are given, they generate a very beautiful feeling of gratitude.

Always the best option to decorate any corner of our house and they are perfect to give that warmth that our home demands so much come autumn.

In 2005, Jeannette Haviland-Jones, an American researcher, sent three different types of packages to 147 women. After analyzing the facial expressions of each one, it was discovered that those who received flowers all unanimously showed the Duchenne smile. 

What is the Duchenne smile?

It is a genuine expression considered by psychologists as the only indicator of true joy. In fact, these women, a few days later, were still happier than the rest who had received other packages such as scented candles or fruit baskets.

In this way, something we already knew was scientifically proven ... flowers are powerful.

Homewear Ysabel Mora

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