Style Guide: This is what leggings look like this fall

A safe bet, the most versatile garment that a wardrobe can host: easy to combine and perfect to get away from boring outfits. In all its versions and shades, they are a classic that you can get a lot out of it.

Discover the 5 style tricks to get it right choice of your leggings; a garment that has become the ideal wild card for this season.

1. Leggings for a casual street-style.

If your intention is to launch yourself into the most informal street-style, our height-adjustable leggings will be your best match; elastic, they adapt to you and your rhythm and you can give it a capri or ankle style depending on the height.

The combination of leggings and a plain cotton T-shirt always works, but it is also ideal with a light knit sweater in solid colors and with an oversized fit.

70284: Leggings cropped

2. Combination of leggings and blazer: a classic

The look made up of denim leggings combined with a blazer gives us endless possibilities: a safe bet that adapts to all styles. The trend that is being used the most for this fall is blazers, specifically tweed is one of the fabrics with the most history and the strongest one. Leather or faux leather is not far behind, whether in blazers, coats, pants or skirts. Combine your blazer with some straight leggings and achieve the perfect outfit for your plans, whatever they may be, from going to the office, to an informal meeting with friends.

70262 y 70283: Leggings mujer

3. Leggings with a white button-down shirt: a must

Getting an elegant look as well as informal is possible.Choose a plain white shirt, ideally oversized (a trend this fall) and combine it with our high-waisted leggings. You can button it up or leave it open, those denim leggings deserve to be seen! And if you want to give it a touch of style, tie it at the waist and mark your figure. The seams of these leggings hug the silhouette creating a very flattering visual effect and can easily become your favorites of the season.

70281: leggings polipiel

4. Denim leggings and waistcoat, the halftime bet

Pairing denim leggings with a suit vest is synonymous with an elegant and sophisticated look. In addition, if you choose the flare silhouette for your leggings, the success is total: they favor so much that you will want them in all your outfits. Two stylish garments that together create one of the looks that you will like the most this fall

70282: legging denim

5. Skinny leggings with kitten heels

Definitely a great way to get the most out of skinny leggings. Bet on kitten heels (so fashionable that you will not stop seeing them everywhere) or what is the same, with a few centimeters and pointed ends. Add style to your leggings and high-heeled shoe look with leggings that include details such as a tie belt, studs or strategic stitching. Choose for the top a fitted top with a perkins neck and sleeveless, perfect for halftime.

70286: Legging denim

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