Lingerie Manual

The lingerie concept entails in itself a universe of sensuality, beauty and comfort. An imaginary that begins with the fabrics, finishes... and ends with the sizing.

Knowing your bra size and finding the perfect model for your figure is not usually an easy task. For this reason, we want to share with you the main aspects to take into account before choosing a bra.

Size is one of the most important points (if not the most). The number defines the outline and the letter indicates the cup. The sizing is standard, so you will only need a tape measure, paper and pencil to find your ideal size.
In our braffiting section, you will find a complete tutorial with all the information you need.

The position of the garment must always be correct: in the middle of the back, not in the shoulder blades or in the lower part. Even if you raise and lower your arms or twist your torso, it should stay in the same place.

Your ideal bra should not press, squeeze or be loose.
And if it does, it's not yours.
It may be because it is not your size or that shape does not fit your physiognomy.
This causes us to feel insecure and uncomfortable: the bra should make us feel good and safe, free.

If you notice marks on your skin when you take it off... before discarding it, make sure you close the garment on the middle or loosest hook.
If you wear it a lot and the fabric sags, you'll need that extra adjustment that the tighter closure gives you (trick!).

Being true to our style is wonderful.
No one better than ourselves, we know what suits us best, but don't get stuck in a specific model, surely there are some more that suit you just as well: with underwire, without underwire, reducer, with padding, without padding, removable cups, multiposition
In our collection of basic everyday lingerie we have bras for every moment and need, in addition to a lot of styles. You can choose your favorites in the Essentials Collection, Comfy Collection and Special You Collection.

In addition to all this that we have told you, it is interesting to renew the lingerie of habitual use every 6 months as well as maintaining a good washing system taking into account all the advice that you will find in the product sheet of each garment.