Find the keys to disconnect in meditation

Surely at some point during the week you look out the window wishing you could see a field full of daisies, breathe fresh air or discover yourself on a beach where you can only hear the sea. Free, without notifications, emails, impossible schedules or excessive socialization.

chica meditando mirando al horizonte relajada y en paz

Liberation is a very broad word, in which both external and internal factors come together. You can free yourself from things, people or situations... but also from your inner dialogue.

The sense of freedom, of liberation, can also come from the depths of our being; meditation is the way in which we train our brain to achieve inner peace and calm and thus be able to project it outwards and achieve a positive approach to life.

Experts say that it is a visceral experience with which to rediscover oneself and connect with our essence. Discover a new internal universe of sensations and emotions.


This state of well-being sounds so exciting that we want to share with you how to try to achieve it. At the end of the post, you will see that meditation does not require previous knowledge, complicated materials or large spaces, it is much simpler than you imagine.

1.- Daily impediments

Identify those impediments that sometimes make us feel that we are not enjoying a full life: indiscriminate schedules, over-occupation, technological saturation, fast and unbalanced eating, little enjoyment and a lot of obligation, lack of sleep or little time with oneself are usually The most common.

2.- Understand meditation

Meditation is concentration and fullness in the present. It is a state of liberation of the mind with which to abstract yourself from external information to focus on the interior.

It helps us to create our own thoughts, without influences, to be more aware of our real personal situation. Resulting in our interior, we focus on specific concepts and with them we reach the state of subconsciousness, which helps us to stay focused and with our attention fixed on the fullness of the present (beginning of the cycle).

chico meditando en casa con relax y tranquilidad

3.- The ideal place

The best place to meditate is the one where you feel most comfortable, more you. And if, in addition, it meets these conditions, you will have the key to success:

1. Clear the floor and place a rug or cushion, comfort is necessary.

2. Avoid large windows and keep them closed, outside distractions are not welcome.

3. Subscribe to a playlist with mantras or soft ambient music, they will help you relax to the fullest.  

leggings basicos Ysabel Mora 

The practice of meditation and relaxation exercises help us take care of our mind. Comfort in these cases is necessary: ​​cotton leggings, light t-shirts, highly adaptable with which to feel like a second skin and non-slip socks that give us stability and allow us to feel the ground when walking, connecting with the earthly.


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