What is K-Beauty? Discover Korean beauty in 10 steps

Have you heard of the gotu kola from the sacred lotus? Do you want the famous crystal skin of the Koreans? If so, you are interested (and very much) to know the beauty ritual from the Far East.

The reason for the success of the k-beauty ritual stems from the philosophy of oriental women in terms of beauty since, for them, the most important thing is healthy and radiant skin.

A skincare phenomenon that gained momentum with cosmetics developed with green, innovative and cruelty-free formulas.

The key to this facial routine is layering (application of the product in layers) with products ranging from the lightest to the thickest with which to create a protective barrier for the skin.

Do you want to discover it in 10 steps? Let's go there!

10 simple steps to get crystal skin:

Step 1: oil-based cleanser

Melt all makeup and remove makeup easily.

Limpiador a base de aceites

Step 2: water based cleaner

A gel that produces foam with which to remove the remains of impurities and refresh the skin.

Step 3: exfoliating

Remove dead cells by massaging with your fingertips.

Step 4: Tonic Balance skin pH and detoxify skin.


Step 5: Essence

One of the secrets of Korean women because it is the climax of the routine: a light lotion, an elixir, with which to hydrate the skin, fight aging and promote cell renewal.

Step 6: Serum

A smooth texture with highly concentrated actives that quickly penetrate the skin, maximizing hydration.

Step 7: Mask

An ideal complement to relax and enhance skin moisture. They are a kind of mask -sheet mask- that is placed on the face and that facilitate that the nutrients are absorbed in a uniform way.

Step 8: Eye Cream

It is a particularly delicate area with thinner skin. A special cream that is applied with gentle strokes in an upward trend, from bottom to top. To reaffirm.

Step 9: Total hydration

A waterproof effect that seals all the previous products. An extra layer of cream that is always applied from the inside out, causing a lifting effect.


Step 10: sunscreen or night cream

For the day, the skin is protected from the sun with creams with a factor higher than 30SPF and with a wide aspect.

For the night, sleeping mask or facial cream with which to obtain extra hydration during rest.

The secret of the k-beauty routine is the dedication and application of products for each step. So that this becomes your beauty routine and your personal moment of relaxation, we propose some clothes with which you can relax and be comfortable at home.

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