How many bras and panties do you have to have to have a good closet?

To create a good lingerie closet you have to take into account the lifestyle of each woman. The goal is to have the right lingerie for every occasion and for every type of garment.

We recommend which lingerie basics you can have in your closet:

Basic bras

The basic bras are essential in your closet and that you will surely use in your day to day, they are characterized by their comfort and their neutral tones, nude, white, black or gray. They have adjustable straps and according to the needs of each woman there are basic bras with padding, without padding with padding, without padding, with underwire, without underwire and with triangle shape, if what you like is to enhance the chest there are also push up bras. push up bras.

chica con sujetador de tirantes blanco

chica con sujetador de tirantes color carne

If you have a large chest there are also options of basic reducing bras o basic capacity bras.

mujer con sujetador basico reductor color morado

mujer con sujetador básico de capacidad

Strapless or bandeau bras

Strapless bras are another option in a woman's closet, and is the perfect ally if you want to go with the neck or shoulders uncovered, there are different models of strapless bras, including adhesive bra or the bandeau bra.

sujetador adhesivo con push-up ligero color carne
bandeau sin tirantes multiposición color negro
sujetador sin tirantes multiposición color blanco

Sports bra

Sports brashave one function and that is to give you comfort and support during exercise. Depending on the sport activity you do, you will find different types.

sujetador deportivo gym color negro

sujetador deportivo gym color verde

sujetador deportivo gym color azul

Seamless bra

Seamless bra is a type of bra has no seams and makes it very comfortable to wear in your day to day, it is a very good choice for any woman and you can find it in many styles and colors.

sujetador push up color negro

sujetador sin aro y sin relleno color carne

Lace bra or bodysuit

A slightly more sophisticated bra or bodysuit is also a must-have basic in every woman's closet.

body con aro y con relleno negro

sujetador con aro y con relleno color blanco

Ultimately, there is no set rule and it will depend on each woman's lifestyle, interests and means, but if I had to answer this question I would say a minimum of 7 bras, one for each day of the week as it is important to leave a day of rest between wearings to extend the life of each bra.

Essential panties for a basic closet

Women's panties are also an important part of the closet and the rule of how many or which ones to have is very similar to that of bras.

We have to think about the lifestyle we lead and the type of body we have to know which ones we feel more comfortable with.

Basic mini, Brazilian, midi or high-waisted panties

The first factor to consider when buying lingerie or underwear is comfort. Choosing the right size of panties or bra, that fit the body without leaving marks and without causing discomfort and that is made of comfortable and comfortable fabrics is essential to succeed with the purchase.

For everyday wear the best option are basic cotton or microfiber panties in white, gray, nude and black to easily achieve the complete look.

braga mini blanca

braga brasileña color gris

braga midi color negro

braga alta color carne

Laser or seamless panties

These types of invisible panties provide comfort and you will forget about them showing through your clothes. They are perfect to wear with tight fitting garments like leggings or dresses, and as for what color to choose or what model it all depends on the oufit you are going to wear.

This type of panty is perfect to combine with the seamless bra and enjoy your 100% fitted oufit.

culotte antirroce laser color carne tanga laser color lila braguita laser color carne

Lace panties

The lace panties are timeless so they become a closet staple, bring elegance and sensuality without sacrificing comfort.

braga brasileña de encaje blanca

braga alta brasileña de encaje color rosa

braguita lencera de encaje color azul

With Ysabel Mora, creating your lingerie closet becomes a personalized experience. From the basic bras that accompany you in your day to day life to the sensual and comfortable lace bras, to the versatile strapless options or the practical sports bras, each piece is designed to suit your style and comfort. As for panties, from basic to seamless to elegant lace panties, Ysabel Mora offers you a full range to choose from depending on your preference and occasion. There are no fixed rules, just the freedom to express your unique style and feel confident in every moment. Your lingerie closet is an extension of yourself, and Ysabel Mora is there to accompany you on every step of this journey of self-discovery and confidence.